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Why Getting a 4K TV is Worth It

by May Fitzgerald

Why Getting a 4K TV is Worth It

It’s an exciting and wonderful time: You are shopping for a new TV! Maybe your old one finally kicked the bucket, maybe one of your kids got too close playing video games and a controller smashed through that precious LCD, or maybe you finally decided that you needed something bigger and shinier to watch the game on every weekend.

Whatever the reason, shopping for TVs can be a tricky experience, even if it is a whole lot of fun. With so many models and manufacturers, not to mention all the different resolutions and features, there can be a lot to wade through in the TV wilderness. But, if you are looking to buy a TV in 2018, there’s really only one type of TV you should be thinking about: 4K. Let’s look at why.

High-definition details

In case you haven’t been keeping up with industry trends, 4K TVs are going to look better than your HD (1080p) set that you have at home already. And if you are going to shell out the money for a new TV, shouldn’t you at least be moving up in the world and going in for an upgrade?

Yes. The answer is always a resounding yes. 4K brings a whole new level of detail to your TV watching – rich city skylines will take on a new vibrancy, and food on your favorite cooking show will look real enough to eat.

If you have an even older TV – like a 720p or even a – ugh -- 480p set – you should put it right in a museum for old technology and upgrade before you even finish reading this article. It’s long past time to catch up.

Yup, even your classic movies will look better

Unlike the jump to HD – when getting an HD TV meant that a lot of your older content could look about as good as roadkill – most 4K TV sets will make even your older, non-4K content look better.

That’s right! 4K TVs will upconvert your ancient content and give it an upgraded coat of paint, bringing even your oldest content into the modern age.

High-powered streaming

Why Getting a 4K TV is Worth It

If you aren’t a physical media connoisseur and mostly stream your content, there’s good news for you in the 4K world, too. Netflix offers 4K content, as does Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Vudu, and YouTube. Many TVs come with a Netflix app built in these days, but you can also stream via other devices such as video game consoles, Apple TV, or the Amazon Fire TV stick.

Of course, everything isn’t available in 4K, but you will be able to find shows such as:

• “Black Mirror”

• “Chef’s Table”

• “A Series of Unfortunate Events”

• “Love”

• “House of Cards”

• “Jessica Jones”

• “Orange is the New Black”

• “Stranger Things”

That’s more than enough to start off your weekend binge watching.

Future proofing

TVs aren’t rash buying decisions, and most people probably aren’t going to be buying new sets every few years like they would a cell phone. That means you want your TV to last a while. It’s best to future proof that baby, so that when it grows up to be a big toddler TV and finally ditches its diapers, it still is useful, and you don’t have to start the shopping process over again just a few years down the line.

While it’s true that the TV market can move fast, getting a 4K TV means that enjoy movies with some of the best picture available. It will keep family movie nights going for years to come, and even give you an excuse to pull out and rewatch some of those classic home moves, all in ultra-high definition! Stop in today and check out what a 4K TV can do for you and your family, you’ll be glad you did.