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3 Smart Devices That Will Improve Your Garden This Spring

by Cathy Carr

For some reason, technology nerds get a bad rep when it comes to going outdoors. But just because we are nerds doesn’t mean we don’t have a soft spot for good tilled earth and want to plant gardens, too!

While a lot of smart home technology focuses on ways to improve life inside your home, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t options to help you with outdoorsy activities, no matter if you are adept at gardening or are just getting your thumb green for the first time. Just in time for spring, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at some of the ways that smart devices can help you get interested in – and succeed at – horticulture.


Mow Along, Folks

Most everybody out there remembers the days when it was cool to go out and help your parents mow the lawn for a few bucks, once you are grown up and a yard becomes your responsibility it is a lot less fun ... and a lot more intimidating.

Don’t worry – Silicon Valley has you all figured out. Don’t waste time mowing the yard – let your own personal robot do it for you. Think of it like a Roomba, but for your yard.

You heard us. You don’t have the mow the lawn anymore. Get a smart lawnmower – let technology and robotics cut your lawn while your time is better spent elsewhere. Anywhere elsewhere.


Rain, Rain, Come Here to Stay

One of the most important things when it comes to plants is water, and the bigger and more complex your estate and the surrounding yard work is, the more problematic and time consuming this becomes.

But there’s nothing that can’t be made smart these days, and that includes getting necessities like water. With a smart sprinkler system, you can bring features like automation and scheduling to your little green leafy friends, giving them their much-needed dose of H20. Some can even adjust by themselves, and many of them offer WiFi support, too.

A bed of tulips that have recently been watered or rained on.


Sensible Gardening

Who needs a green thumb when you have a tech thumb?

If you have a hard time keeping plants alive and have all but given up on your future as a forester, fear not, hope is not lost quite yet! Try out a plant sensor – one of these smart devices can be planted in your garden, and can send you all sort of information on their needs.

And yes, for those would-be gardeners out there whose biggest problem is just remembering to water those darned things, these sensors can also send you push notifications when it is time to water your plants. It’s a no-frills, no-forget solution to helping you start your garden turn over a new leaf.

No matter what upgrades you are looking to add to your ever-growing smart home this spring, remember that the best place to show for local, homegrown solutions is with us! Give us a call today, and we’d be glad to discuss all your ideas and how we can help turn them into realities!