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5 Things You Should Know About Outdoor TVs

by Ronald Elias

Summer may mean fun in the sun, but not everything is built to last outdoors.

If you are taking the time to invest in your patio, backyard, or sunroom, it's important that you also take the time to invest in technology for the area, as well. Here at Global Custom Integrations, we often see people who will pour money into their outdoor spaces, but then just throw a regular TV outside. And you know what? It breaks. Or it’s unwatchable when it's sunny. Either way -- it doesn't give them the experience they had hoped for when it comes time to watch the big game or a movie outside.

What you really want -- and need -- in such a situation is a bona fide outdoor TV. Let's look at why, and what adding one to your outdoor spaces can mean not just in the summertime but all year long.  


1. They Are Different Than Regular TVs

For some reason, people seem to think that they can just take an indoor TV, toss it outside, and call it a day. If there is a difference between indoor and outdoor furniture, paint, or stains why would it be any different for electronics?

So, let's get the first big thing out of the way: There's a reason you want a specifically made-for-outdoors TV, and they are different than indoor TVs. Indoor TVs don't have to worry about harsh light, they don't have to worry about extreme heat or cold, and they also don't have to worry about the weather or insects. Outdoor TVs need to be able to brave all these things, which is why it's important to get an outdoor TV for outdoor usage.


2. They Are Brighter

Have you ever walked outside on a sunny day only to find that you can't see the screen on your cell phone?

Now imagine that on a large scale, and you have what happens when you take a regular TV and try using it outside. Outdoor TVs are made to handle the bright light and reflection of the sun, and are rated at much, much higher nits -- which is a unit used to measure brightness. Outdoor TVs can also come with additional features like anti-reflective and anti-glare screens, which means you can sit outdoors on a nice, sunny summer day and enjoy your favorite movies in all their vivid glory.


3. They Are Weatherproof

If you've ever spilled something on your TV, laptop, computer, or anything else electronic, you know where we are going with this one -- most devices are not meant to withstand the elements.

Outdoor TVs, on the other hand, are. Whether they are coming up against rain, snow, dust, salty air, hot days, or cold nights, outdoor TVs are prepared and made for permanent outdoor installation. No matter what weather extremes we get this year, your outdoor TV will be ready to deal with them.


4. Oh, That's Not All That's Weatherproof

OK, a weatherproof TV is nice and all, but what if you want to watch cable or hook up a media player? How would that work with an outdoor TV?

Don't worry, they've got that figured out, too. With waterproof media compartments and cable entry systems, you can easily hook up a wide range of media devices to your outdoor TV and keep them safe and away from elemental harm, as well. Trust us -- there's nothing like sitting in the pool or hot tub and watching the latest blockbuster in stunning 4K.


5. They Don't Come with Speakers

This is another important thing you should know when looking at or purchasing an outdoor TV: they don't come with built-in speakers. Instead, you'll have to make sure to get a sound bar that goes with your TV. We can help you out with that one -- we'll be glad to help you pick out an outdoor-friendly sound bar that will complement your TV and give you great sound to match the great picture you are getting.

No matter what application you are looking for -- a patio, sunroom, or a full-sun area -- we can help you find an outdoor TV that will perfectly meet your needs. Send us a line over at our contact page or give us a call today at 888-593-8990 and we'll find you an outdoor solution that will make you wonder why you didn’t add an outdoor TV sooner.