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Smart Home Tech to Keep You Cool This Summer

by Waverly Wilde

In the heat of summer, there’s one thing that’s just as important as having fun: Staying cool. And smart tech is one smart way to do that.

There are myriad ways that smart technology can make your life easier this summer. We put together a few ideas to help you get started making the most of your summer – and your technology – this year!


Smart Climate

While we haven’t yet found a way to control the weather, human’s ability to make the perfect temperature indoors is only getting further perfected.

Let the sun and the heat rage outside, while you stay nice and cool inside with a smart thermostat. You can control the temperature from anywhere in your house, have your home temperature adjust automatically based on your preferences, and set different temperatures in different rooms of the house with today’s smart thermostats. And they save energy, too. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.


Smart Shades

When it comes to the summer heat, your windows are the weakest entry point. Windows left uncovered and unshaded will allow sunlight to warm your house all day long, and that’s going to make every part of your cooling system work harder to keep up.

If only there was a smarter solution ... a better solution ... oh wait! There is! With smart shading, you can easily control all the shades in your house, and even set them to raise and lower on a schedule to keep the sun blocked out all day long. Sweet.


Smart Sprinklers

It is the summer after all, so we should give at least some thought to areas outside of the home. And while this isn’t going to keep you cooler per se, it is going to make some of your summer yardwork easier. That means you won’t sweat as much, so it does kind of still keep you cooler. Anyways!

With a smart sprinkler system, you can say goodbye to waking up before the morning heat to water the lawn and sit back and relax as the lawn waters itself. Now this was the smart future that we were promised in “The Jetsons!” All we need now is the flying cars.


Smart Mower

Nobody really likes mowing the lawn, do they? We don’t think so. And now you won’t have to worry about that: With a smart mower, you can sit inside your nice smart thermostat controlled and cooled room, watch TV on your big screen, then lie back and relax while your smart mower does the work for you. That’s luxury, right there.

Don’t let fall get here before you start upgrading your house! Give us a call today and we’ll be able to help you get all set up for the summer in no time.