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How Smart Technology Can Keep Your Home Safe While You Travel

by Cathy Carr

Vacations are supposed to be peaceful times of tranquility, not stressful situations where you worry about things like the impending doom of the human race or the safety and security of your smart tech and smart home.

The good news? You can say goodbye to worry. Worry no more. Pick up a giant can of “Worry Be Gone” from the grocery store on the way home. With some savvy smart home upgrades, you can forget about travel-induced worry and instead focus your whole mind on soaking up as many rays on the beach as you can before your vacation is over.


Caught on Camera

When it comes to home safety, security cameras are your first line of defense and are the pawns in the eternal chess game of keeping your castle secure, even when you aren’t around. Typical security cameras can only do so much, but we aren’t here to talk about typical cameras: We’re here to talk about Ring’s smart security cameras.

Let’s take the Vacation Safety Simulator 3500 out for a spin and look at just how Ring’s security cameras can help you. Imagine you are on the beach, watching your kids play in the waves while you are applying suntan lotion for the hundredth time. It’s the perfect moment for crime to strike!

But, fear not. Back at your house, if someone tries to break in, your detect motion lights turn on, alerting your neighbors -- who of course know you are gone on vacation – that something is up. An alert goes off on your phone, giving you notice. You can then pull up a live view of the cameras -- yes, even from the beach! – on your phone and see, hear, and talk directly to the troublemakers. Hey you! I see you! Get off my lawn!

Smart safety, even during a beach vacation. It sure has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?


Safety de Savant

If you are looking to further strengthen your smart home security, here comes Savant, riding in on a white horse of chivalrous protection.

Savant Entry gives you control over every entry point into your house, no matter if you decide to vacation in Hawaii or Dubai.  Alerts, video history, and more will give you the comfort you are looking for. And just in case you do need to let someone in while you are gone, you can talk to them or open up a door from, you guessed it, anywhere you want via the Savant Pro 8 app.

Setting up such a system is best left to the pros, so give us a call today! We’ll be glad to walk you through all of our professional integration solutions we offer, and how they can help you make a safer and smarter home.


Reliable Recorders

Sometimes you may want a true digital detox, and maybe you don’t want to bring your phone and all the worries of home and work to the beach with you. Turn off that ol’ ball and chain and forget about it! There are solutions for you, too.

With Luma Survelliance’s Recorders, you’ll have local hard drives capturing – and keeping – all your security footage. If you do decide to check in from afar you have that option, but you’ll also have a nice backup ready to check when you return from vacation. And with space for months of footage, you’ll be set even for the longest of excursions.


No matter what level of safety you are looking to bring home, there’s only one place in town with the reputation and expertise that will give you the feeling of comfort you deserve   -- us! Give us a call today and start your journey toward safer vacations and smarter smart home technology.