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Multi-Room Audio: Turn Your Home into a Musical Adventure

by Marjory Bloom

It’s time to take music everywhere.

Back in the day, listening to music used to be tethered to the physical realm: The vinyl goes on the platter or the disc goes into the player, you sit close by, and you listen through speakers or headphones connected to player. And that was pretty much it.  

But that’s not the way it is anymore.

With multi-room audio systems, you and your music are free of physical wires and media. Music can flow throughout your whole house — all wirelessly. Let’s take a look at what is possible for multi-room audio, and what awesome features you are missing out on.

Voice Control

If you are flitting around your house doing chores, you don’t really want to have to go back to the stereo every time you want to change a song or change the volume, do you? Of course not.

Imagine this: Instead, you are walking around your entire house, picking which song or playlist to listen to at any time, all through voice control and without having to stop whatever you are doing.

This is no pipedream; it’s the reality of today’s multi-room audio systems. Your voice is all you need. Sing away to your heart’s content, and then keep on talking to switch songs, switch playlists, switch over to a podcast, or to mute everything. It’s your smart home, and the options are all up to you.

Man jams out as he vacuums because his music is following him from room to room

One Song, Whole House

Maybe you listen to music in the shower. Maybe you love to hear your favorite tunes as you prepare breakfast. Or maybe you have a very busy morning routine, which has you moving in and out of several rooms. Whatever your musical needs look like, wouldn’t it be great if your music could follow you around?

It can! With a multi-room audio system, you can set one song to play across every speaker in every room in your setup. Walk, jaunt, or shuffle through your house in your bathrobe as “Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake plays seamlessly, and you won’t have to worry about being out of earshot. You’ll be pumped and primed and ready to start the day.  

Of course, picking out which speakers to get and installing them around your house isn’t something just anybody can do — it’s best left to experts! We’ll always be here to help you find the best speaker solution that fits your needs, so give us a call at 888-593-8990 today!

Two parents dance with their daughter at home

Separation Can be Good – Speaker Separation

That’s not all that multi-room audio can do for you and your family, however. Let’s say the kids want to stream YouTube kids in one room, you have an important game you need to listen to, and your partner really wants to listen to their loudest throwback-jams playlist.

Woman blocks her ears at home on her couch

That’s possible. Multi-room audio systems can also break up your audio across multiple rooms, so different people can listen to what they want in each room.

These are just the tip of the musical iceberg when it comes to multi-room audio and how it can totally change your life for the better. Give us a call today at 888-593-8990 and we’ll walk you through all of the different speaker and multi-room audio setup options we have, and help you find one with enough juice to blast music throughout your whole house.