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Multi-Room Audio

by Dale Dauterive

1. Centralizing Control

We’ve all been there before. The extended family is over, and you are trying to put on some background music, but nobody can seem to figure out which remote is the right one to use. You sit and play the fun little game of picking each one up, hitting a few buttons, putting it down, and trying each remote, slowly, one by one. 

You might be wondering how exactly multi-room audio fixes that. Well, with a unified multi-room A/V system, you can control your music, TV, and everything else all from one device. And that device can be your phone, a tablet, a universal remote, or a wall panel. Any of those. Or all of them, if you really want! 

The best part is that the hunt for which remote is the right remote will never happen again, which means more time listening to the music you want with the people you want to listen to it with. 


2. Everything In One Place

Whether you are a proponent of physical media or have succumbed to the seduction of streaming, it’s just a given fact that your music collection is probably split up between a lot of services, devices, and locations. Maybe that rare acoustic cut of your favorite song is only on CD, but your CD player is only hooked up to the den speakers, not the living room speakers.

Pst. That’s a problem of the past. With a multi-room audio system, it doesn’t matter where your music is located, or where you want to listen to it. Your whole collection is available to all of your speakers. Yeah, we knew you’d love that one. You’re welcome. 


3. Different Tunes for Different Rooms

Let’s face it. Even the most perfect families disagree sometimes, and you aren’t all always going to want to listen to the same songs at the same time. It’s just a fact of life! Don’t shoot the messenger. 

With multi-room audio, this is easy as pie. Yes, you can set all the speakers in your house to play the same thing, OR you can divide up what each person in each room is listening to. It’s the best of both worlds, and just another benefit that makes your musical listening world easier. 

4. No More Noise for the Neighbors

If you are getting ready in the bedroom, but the closest set of speakers is in the downstairs den, how do you fix that problem? If you are like us, that’s easy: Just turn up the den speakers really, really loud so you can still hear them all the way up in the bedroom.

It’s not the most elegant -- or family/neighbor friendly -- solution, but it used to be the only thing you could do. Now, with whole room-audio, you can keep the music to a reasonable level because you’ll be able to listen to it in any room of the house you want! With speakers spread out in every room, you won’t have to blast music from one room to the other -- and it means your neighbors won’t have to deal with hearing the “Moana” soundtrack at full blast for the thousandth time. It’s a win win for everybody involved, that’s for sure.


No matter where, how, or what you want to listen to, multi-room audio has a solution for you. Give us a call today -- we’d love to chat and help you figure out the best custom multi-room audio solution for you and your family!