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7 Things You Didn’t Know Smart Homes Could Do

by Ronald Elias

Smart homes are only getting smarter.

It started with phones ... and then cars, and then next thing we knew our whole home was going smart! As the smart home market continues to expand, the capabilities of said homes is only going to expand with it, and like any technology, it can be hard to keep track of all the advances as they happen in real time. So, we put together this list of some smart home possibilities you might not know about, that are outside the normal smart TV/appliances/security systems you hear about all the time. Enjoy!


1. Smart Toilets

Let’s start this list at the bottom – literally. Smart toilets come just as decked out as you would expect them to be, with everything from motion-activated covers, heated seats, bidets, air dryers, foot warmers, lights, and even Bluetooth speakers. Oh, and yes, you can also get ones with remote flushing. You’re welcome.


2. Smart Food...For Pets

Remembering to feed the cats or dogs every day can be such a chore, especially if you aren’t freely feeding them and need to limit how much food they get at any given time. If only there was a smarter and better way to feed the pets...

Yup. There is! With a smart pet food dispenser, you can fill the bowl from anywhere via your smart phone, or set it up to dispense meals over the course of the day.


3. Smart Sleep

There are a bunch of different ways you could go about using technology to help get a better sleep. There’s smart beds – which can make adjustments automatically – but there’s also a whole world of sleep apps that will measure your sleep and give you the data you need to try to get the best rest every night.


4. Smart Photos  

While it isn’t quite “Harry Potter” level magic, smart photo frames are the closest thing so far. App powered smart frames display photos of your family throughout the house, and rotate through galleries of selected photos you want to show. No more printing off photos and changing them in and out of the frame – a smart frame becomes a portal to all of your digital memories. Or at least the ones you want to share and have up on the wall where family and friends can see them.


5. Smart Gardening

It won’t be long before your smart home can do all of your chores for you, and with smart gardening it gets one step closer to that ideal. Whether you want to automate your sprinkler or have app-controlled sensors that monitor temperature and soil moisture, smart garden tech can help you turn that texting thumb into a green thumb in no time. 


6. Smart Eggs

Sure, this may be bringing a whole new level of micromanaging to your grocery shopping, but it does fill a need and help streamline your shopping habits. With a smart egg tray, you can tell how many eggs you have at home, even if you aren’t at home. No longer worry about getting to the grocery store and forgetting if you need eggs or not – now you’ll always know. A smart egg tray can also tell you if some of your eggs are getting close to expiration, adding yet another convenience to your egg-cellent day.


7. Smart Spas/Pools

Last but certainly not least, are you ready to take your spa and pool game to the next level? We’re talking automating all the pool features you don’t want to have to remember – like cleaning and chemical balancing – while also giving you the ability to remote start and heat your hot tub, no matter where you. Never again be stuck waiting for the tub to warm up – simply turn on those jets and heaters with your cell phone and you’ll always be ready for a dip.


Just like the (now old) “there’s an app for that” saying, if there’s a part of your daily life that is troublesome or a bother, there’s probably a smart home solution for it. Give us a call today and we can help you find the best smart home solutions for you and your family!