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5 Ways to Incorporate Smart Lighting in Your Home

by Ronald Elias

It’s time to get smart about your lighting.

While other areas of home automation can often hog the spotlight, smart lighting is another great way for you to add functionality and convenience to your home. 

Smart lighting can impact more than just your visual acuity, as well. Here are five different ways that smart lighting can add a little class, style, and substance to any home. 


1. Overt Occupancy

Maybe you work long hours at the office. Or maybe you like to go on vacation a lot. Whatever the reason is, most people feel better knowing their home is safe and looked after while they are away.

Smart lighting can help add to this piece of mind. With mock occupancy lighting, you can schedule your lights to turn on and off at various intervals during the day, just like they would if you were home. People won’t notice that you are gone, and the lights can work to dissuade any potential criminals.


2. Weather the Weather

We’re big fans of smart lights, but even we are pretty impressed with this idea: You can use color changing smart lights to mirror the weather. Your lights can change colors to match the weather outside, or you could even set your lights to match a photo of your choosing if you’d rather have them reflect better weather than you are currently having on any given day. It’s a great way to interact with the outside space while still inside, and creates a really impressive talking point around your smart lighting system.


3. Lights on YOUR Schedule

Imagine a world where your lights worked on your own schedule and you didn’t have to get up to turn them on and off all the time.

Smart lighting makes that a possibility. Set your lights to come on when you want to wake up in the morning, and to turn off at whatever time you normally go to bed. For bonus points, you can even set your lights to gradually start dimming in the evening, slowly getting you ready for bed without you even knowing it.


4. Safety Lights

Using your smart lights in conjunction with your home security system is a no-brainer, and there are a bunch of different ways that the two can work together to help you have a safer home and more peace of mind.

For example, you could set your lights to change color when people walk through the front door, meaning you’ll always be kept up-to-date with the whole family’s comings and goings.


5. Baby Feeding Time

This one is for all the parents out there – we know this one is going to make a big difference for all of you. How many times have you woken up in the middle of the night to check on or feed the baby, only to be totally blinded by the lights when you turn them on to walk to the nursery?

You probably see where we are going here: Simply set a “feeding” light theme, and when you wake up you can have that theme dimly turn on the hallway lights to guide your path, dimly turn on the lights in the nursey, and perhaps even turn on some background noise. No more being blinded by the light and struggling to fall back asleep. We told you smart lighting was a beautiful thing!


Every house needs lights, but that doesn’t mean that every home is using lighting to its full potential. With these ideas at your disposal, you can easily get started with smart light integration and a brighter future for your home. And if you want more ideas – or are ready to start your smart lighting project – give us a call today!