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4 Surround Sound Options for Any Space

by May Fitzgerald

4 Surround Sound Options for Any Space

4 Surround Sound Options for Any Space

Some say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the idiom should probably be beauty is in the ear of the beholder. A new home entertainment setup isn’t complete until you’ve decked it out with some snazzy new speakers, after all.

But what options are out there? Speakers come in so many different brands and sizes – not to mention styles – that it can be intimidating trying to narrow down your choices. Don’t stress over sound, though: We’re hear -- excuse me -- here to help make the process a bit easier.

1. Sound Bar Systems for Home and TV

If you have a smaller entertaining space, sound bars offer a speaker solution that takes up minimal space. Unlike other speaker systems, the sound bar won’t be surrounding you, but some sound bars are able to use technology to simulate the surround-sound effects you’d find in other multiple-speaker setups. Sound bars are usually going to be cheaper too, so you’ll get more bang for your buck with them, as well.

2. Wireless vs. Wired Surround Sound Systems

Surround sound setups allow you to physically place speakers around your entertainment space, creating a blanket of sound that will warmly surround you even on the coldest of winter days and add that extra immersive layer that really makes movies, video games, and TV shows that much better. The zombie sounds will come from behind or beside you! How cool is that?

Surround sound options can vary in the number of speakers they have, and come in both wired and wireless varieties. Depending what type of space you are working with, either type of speakers could work and turn your home living room into a true home theater experience.

3. Dolby Atmos Home Theaters

4 Surround Sound Options for Any Space

The future isn’t in front of you, it’s above you. Dolby’s Atmos technology first debuted in movie theaters before making its way to home theaters. Atmos provides sound in realistic 3D spacing, meaning that if sound is happening above you in the film, you’ll hear it above you in the real world, too. Baller.

You can also add some Dolby Atmos speakers to your preexisting sound system as well, if you don’t want to start over from scratch.

4. Get the Best Outdoor Wireless Speakers

If you want – nay, need – music everywhere and anywhere you go, why limit yourself just to sound inside your house? Why not take the sound outside? That’s an Einstein-level idea, right there.

It is summer after all, so it’s worth looking into outdoor speakers. Today’s offerings can blend into any ambiance and offer sound that can literally follow you anywhere you go: The pool, outside patio, and even the sauna are other outlets for the nonstop musical adventure and mayhem that is your life. Party on Garth, party on.

Make sure you stop by our store if you have any questions, or just want to talk electronics! We are here to help, and make sure you leave with the sound system that is perfect for your space.