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How Home Automation Can Keep Your Home Comfortable

by Willie Clark

Scheduling Your Stuff

There’s nothing worse than coming home to an uncomfortable house, especially after a long day of work. You want to relax and take things easy, not freeze or swelter while the room adjusts to the right temperature.

With home automation, you can set up heating and cooling schedules to run how you want, when you want. Set your heat to come on a few hours before you get home so things are all warmed up when you get back. Same goes for air conditioning -- don’t waste energy having it run all day when it can be set to start the cool air just before you arrive home. Some systems can even learn from your behavior and make you a schedule accordingly, which is pretty darn awesome.


Be Your Own Sunshine

Temperature control is only part of the equation when it comes to your home climate. What about shades? Oh yeah, they are super important, too, and they too can be set to work with your temperature settings.

Even better, you can easily automate them. With motorized window shades, you can press one button and have all your shades come down,  or go up. This can help you save on energy while letting in as much -- or as little -- light as possible, depending on what you want for each season.


Mood Lighting 

Let’s go for the trifecta here: You come home, open your front door, and the AC turns on. The blinds lower, and the lights gently come on, too. Your lights, thermostat, and shades are all working together, giving you whatever mood you want as soon as you enter your house.

Of course, you can set up different scenes that tie all these features together, as well, but the main takeaway is this: Your home can make you feel as comfortable as possible, once you set it up to do so.


Forget Me Not 

OK, so maybe you won’t always remember to turn the heat off before you leave for work in the morning. It happens! Especially with all the kids running around -- look, we get it.

Your smart automation system has your back, however. With motion sensors, your thermostat can adjust based on if there is somebody in the room or not. It can also move in the opposite direction, as well: If there are a lot of people in the room, it can adjust the temperature to make sure things don’t get too hot and stuffy.


Savings, Savings, Savings

What’s more comfortable than saving money? OK, sure, so saving money might not necessarily be a physical comfort, but it can sure be a mental comfort. Especially if you are living in a large, multi-story house, those home heating and cooling costs can add up! Working with a home automation system, you’ll be more efficiently heating and cooling your home, which helps you save money on utilities. It also helps the environment, too, so really there’s no downside to automating your home’s climate.

Home climate is one of those areas of daily life where a little can go a long way -- just adjusting your temperature by a few degrees can make a big deal toward how comfortable you are in your house. And with a home automation system, you’ll soon find out just how easy staying at home is when your smart home is doing the hard work for you!