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Whole House Audio

Is music something you experience in just one corner of your home, or one segment of your life? For most of us, the answer is no. Music is something we immerse ourselves in—an environment we surround ourselves in, and a backdrop for all of our activities. That’s what makes whole house audio so desirable, and so luxurious. With whole house audio, you can enjoy your favorite jams anytime you want, no matter what you’re doing or how you’re moving through your house.

Simply from a lifestyle standpoint, whole house audio is incredible. Whether you’re doing chores and other tasks or hosting a party, being able to turn on a playlist or album and just let it play—knowing it can be heard across the home—is immensely convenient.

Global Custom Integrations is proud to offer whole house audio in pristine quality, and with only the best in sound equipment—and what’s more, we’re pleased to make all of it accessible via remote control or smartphone app. Now that’s luxury.

Whole House Audio from GCI

Global Custom Integrations provides the design and installation of full, holistic systems, but also the retrofitting of audio systems and A/V equipment. Some features we offer:

  • Full consultations for your whole house audio system.
  • Access to the best products on the market—including top-line audio equipment.
  • Full installation of whole house audio technology.
  • Services in automation and integration, making your house truly “smart.”

There’s no better way to fill your home with music. Contact Global Custom Integrations now to get your consultation scheduled. Reach us at 888-593-8990 or