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Listening Room

Is music something you use as a backdrop for other activities—something to set the mood or change the feel of a room? Or is music something that consumes your attention? If it’s something you really immerse yourself in, and see as an activity unto itself, then you may wish to set up your own dedicated listening room—a comfortable place in your home where music is the sole focus.

Global Custom Integrations is proud to provide a full range of services in smart home design and remodeling—including the planning, conception, installation, and maintenance of listening rooms. Our listening rooms are truly state-of-the-art facilities that allow you to experience music to its fullest. For true audiophiles, a good listening room is imperative—so contact Global Custom Integrations today to learn more.

Listening Rooms from Global Custom Integrations

Our team of smart home professionals can offer several benefits as you think about your new listening room—including:

  • Access to the most state-of-the-art, high-quality audio equipment there is.
  • Design work that accounts for acoustics, speaker placement, and more.
  • Integration with other smart home technologies and features.
  • Whole house audio options and visual components.

Whatever your dream for a listening room, we can make it a reality. Call for a consultation today. Reach out to Global Custom Integrations at 888-593-8990 or